Freelance editing for short stories

& novel manuscripts 



Copy Editing and proofreading entails a detailed, line-by-line edit in which your text is reviewed for spelling, grammar, syntax, accuracy of facts, consistency, and punctuation. This is typically offered to clients who are happy with the development of their story and are looking for a final edit before publication. Each package comes with a free project scope diagnostic. 

Rate: $20.00/Hour

Developmental and substantive editing involves working closely with you to improve the fundamentals of your story. This includes an analysis of story elements such as plot, character development, world building, and organization of the text. New writers who are looking for feedback and guidance in developing the basics of their story often seek this type of edit. Note: Developmental editing does not include copy editing. Each package comes with a free project scope diagnostic. 

Rate: $25.00/Hour
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This is a comprehensive package that includes both developmental and copy-editing services. I will work closely with you to build your story, as well as polish the writing before publication. It involves two rounds of edits, first on the macro level (your big picture) and on the micro level (each line).  Each package comes with a free project scope diagnostic. 

Rate: $30.00/Hour


Who I am and What I offer 

I’m offering editing services for short stories and full length manuscripts of up to 150,000 words.

I choose to edit fiction because my education and work experience have been targeted toward fiction publishing.

I believe we exist in this world through storytelling, and I want to help bring your story to life. My goal is to improve your writing while staying true to your voice. To achieve this, I meet with each author before starting a project to determine their style and learn their story. 


My Expertise

 I am a writer, editor, and publicity specialist with five years of experience working with independent magazines and journals, such as the Puritan, White Wall Review, and the Continuist Magazine.


I have a BA in Honours English and a minor in History from Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario. I am currently pursuing an MA in Modern Literature at the graduate level of Ryerson. My specialized areas of research are children and YA literature, fantasy genre development, and modern literature.

My training is derived from my academic experience as well as mentorships with accredited authors. I have learned from established writers such as Shyam Selvadurai, author of Funny Boy, and Dr. Lauren Kirshner, author of Where We Have to Go and creative writing professor at Ryerson. Thus far, my editing clients are signed with small publishers such as Brownridge Publishing, a company that publishes children’s lit, as well as the Soap Box Press, a company dedicated to making publishing more accessible. 

When I’m not working, I’m usually reading or binge watching Netflix. I am a huge fan of fantasy, so any story with a dragon or dueling knights will grab my attention. You can find me drinking questionable amounts of caffeine, hoarding chocolate, or searching my favourite fictional worlds for my next writing scheme. 




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Editor of Trial by

Christopher Briggs at

the Soap Box Press 

  • Nominated as a finalist for the Davinci Literary Award

  • Substantively and copy-edited a 300 page manuscript under strict deadlines, resulting in a seamless workflow and timely completion of the project 

My Work : Editing & Writing

Editor at White Wall Review for fiction pieces submitted via submittable. 

  • Copy editing various forms of short stories while maintaining author voice for publication on the official website.

Editor of Northern Dancer by story-book author Anne Kauffmen at Brownridge Publishing.

  • Substantively edited Northern Dancer, a 300 page manuscript, resulting in a well developed narrative arc. 

  • Mentored by the Head of Publishing who provided an enhanced understanding of the publishing and editing process for the publishing house

"Vanessa has a keen eye for detail, has an excellent grasp of what makes for good writing and provides useful constructive feedback..."  (Voron -Soap Box Press)


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What people are saying...


Theresa Pregent

Publisher & Editor

Brownridge Publishing 

Coehill, ON

From my experience working with Vanessa, I believe that she would be an asset to any

manuscript. She demonstrated responsibility and an entrepreneurial spirit, and she was able to take on new projects with enthusiasm.

Tali Voron

Founder of the Soap Box Press

Toronto, ON

Vanessa has a keen eye for detail, has an excellent grasp of what makes for good writing, and provides useful constructive feedback, all while being a pleasure to work with. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!

Cole Bisson

Short story author

Toronto, ON

It takes years of practice to develop a keen sense of narrative intuition. Vanessa has mastered this, and then some. Every session with her has improved my writing. The amount of red pen markups and comments have added depth where there was nothing before. I couldn’t find a better editor if I tried. 

Michelle Ransom

Toronto, ON

Vanessa Mainella was a great editor! She catches so many small mistakes I would never think to fix! She always has insightful comments that are super helpful. She’s taught me what to look out for and I feel confident to ask her for help whenever

I need it.

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To receive a full quote for your editing needs, please contact me at vanessamainella@gmail.com

Include your: 

  •  word count

  • a sample of your writing (usually two to five pages)

  •  the timeline in which you want your piece edited

 I will respond within 24 hours with a comprehensive quote, my availability, and the process in which I edit for clients. I believe in ensuring client satisfaction with honest communication and dedication. If you are unsure what editing service your work needs, I am happy to meet with you via video-chat to help determine the type of editing you require and to learn about your story!

Thanks for submitting!